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"He's Disgusting" DMX EXPOSES Diddy's AWFUL Gay Relationship With Biggie

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Earl Simmons, a rapper best known by his stage name DMX, passed away in April 2021 in White Plains Hospital in White Plains, New York, one week after having a heart attack. Fortunately enough, it happened not before exposing Diddy for the nasty man that he is and how poorly he treated the late Biggie Smalls. He even told and narrated in interviews how Puff Diddy molested the late rapper. But is that true? And does this mean DMX knew about Diddy’s gay rumors? That’s what we’re delving into in today’s video. But of course, before I spill anything, make sure first that you subscribe to our channel and hit that notification bell for more updates and videos like this. Now, let’s jump in!

DMX's career, which spanned over two decades, was plagued with legal issues, tabloid headlines, and substance addiction issues. He was one of the most popular hardcore rappers to ever break into the mainstream, and his forceful, urgent, impassioned artistic style had a profound cultural impact that went far beyond his core fan base. In one of his earlier interviews, DMX discussed his experience with Biggie, which he remembers with sadness because of the confession the Hypnotized hitmaker made to him. Interested yet?
Stay with us then; we're only getting started.

“They were happy about getting signed first and they were on the Benjamins and things were going great, but then he made them jiggy and put them in suits and made them write lyrics for him and took all their publishing and molested them,” said DMX in one of his interview clips about Biggie and Diddy’s real relationship. But that isn’t all: Biggie told him about how Puff Daddy molested him while appearing in an interview ahead of the release of his 2012 album Undisputed the Rapper.

He reminisced back to his unsigned artist days and shared a story about nearly signing a record deal with Bad Boy, but being overlooked in favor of the Lox. “You know, the Lox got signed before I did. They were a safer group,” said Dmx. Dmx went on to explain how Damien D. Rockbutler set up a meeting between himself and Diddy. But Diddy passed on signing him because he didn't feel that Dmx was a marketable artist.

In the same interview, Dmx also shared his fond memories of Biggie and explained how Biggie helped him appreciate a smile. “I never saw Biggie smile until after he passed away. It was in the Hypnotized video,” said Dmx. “When I saw it, I was like, wow, he was really enjoying his life and it got taken away from him. It was then that I cherished a smile.” Biggie then allegedly revealed that he had been subjected to carnal harassment by Diddy during their meeting. There is undoubtedly some truth to Diddy's treatment, as it has been reported by far too many people who were close to them at the time.

Long-standing allegations that Diddy takes advantage of his musicians were revived in 2021 when he wrote an open letter criticizing corporate America for not supporting black media. Even worse, the creator of Bad Boy is rumored to expect romantic advances from every employee of his record company, and Biggie was no exception.

The treatment of Biggie, a man he holds in high regard, must have hurt 50 Cent the most. 50 previously stated that Diddy's demand for $2 million to release the Harlem rapper from his contract with Bad Boy caused Mace's 2005 move to G Unit Records to fail. 50 would only spend $1 million. In 2009, Mace was released from the contract for a year. Following Mace's interruption of Diddy's interview with AtlantisV 103, Diddy was forced to sign his contract live on television. He is currently exerting the same kind of public pressure to regain his publishing after permanently departing the label in 2012.

Diddy finally released them from their contract, but by keeping half of their song publishing, he continued to have influence over them. When an artist's music is featured in films, television shows, video games, and other commercial endeavors, the person in charge of that artist's publishing still makes money. That remaining grip led to a contentious 2005 argument on New York's Hot 97, where Styles P told Diddy, “we made one record with you. It's ten years later and you still got half of our publishing,” the rapper said. He also alleged that Diddy had a bunch of artists whose careers never went right with him.

So, yeah, without directly saying it, Diddy might be the devil. He might indeed be a carnal predator and financial swindler. All those artists cannot make up these stories, can they? What do you think?

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