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This is the heartbreaking story of how Zion Foster, a 17-year-old girl who lost her life at the hands of her own cousin.

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If you use the app Temu, here's a warning. The BBB issued an alert about the online company offering cheap deals. CBS 2 Investigator Dorthy Tucker says the app Temu, owned by a Chinese company, may lead to privacy issues. Watch to learn more, so you do not expose your private information.

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⁣Democrats kill more blacks than any other party

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Charlamagne Tha God awarded the “Donkey of the Day” Monday to President Joe Biden after he made an unfortunate blunder when he pronounced rapper LL Cool J’s name wrong.

Biden spoke at an event held by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation on Saturday, which was honoring people who made a significant impact on society with one of the recipients being James Todd Smith, aka LL Cool J.

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What really happened to Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story's Bruce Lee? In this video, I'll be discussing the rise and fall of Jason Scott Lee.

00:00 – Introduction
00:16 – Jason Scott Lee Biography
05:36 – What happened to Jason Scott Lee?

Jason Scott Lee, most known for playing the title character of Bruce Lee in the biopic, Dragon: The Bruce Lee story was born on November 19th, 1966 in Los Angeles California to a Chinese-Hawaiian father and a Chinese mother. The family moved to Hawaii when Jason was 2, where he grew up. His interest in acting began in high school and further blossomed when he enrolled in Fullerton college, where he studied under acting coach Sal Romeo.

In 1987, he would land his first role, a bit part in Cheech Marin’s Born in East LA and would soon take on many supporting roles and other bit parts, including 1989’s Back to the Future part 2.

1992 would see him play a credible portrayal of a tortured young Inuit, Native Alaskan in Map of the Human Heart, which would lead him to an audition for The Last of The Mohicans. The director thought Jason Scott Lee looked too Asian to play a Native American; however, he did suggest him for the lead role in Dragon: The Bruce Lee story.

Prior to Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Jason had no martial arts training, but kept himself fit with surfing and gymnastics. Once cast, He would train in Jeet Kune Do, the style that Bruce Lee founded, for just 7 weeks before filming began. Luckily, he was able to adapt with ease under the tutelage of one of Bruce Lee’s owns students, Jerry Poteet. The training was tough. Jason said in a later interview, “I remember being on my knees weeping for days and wondering how I was going to pull this off”. He still remembers the exact moment that carrying the weight of Bruce Lee’s Legacy became too much for him. “I had an emotional breakdown while I was training”, “Everything was too heavy, you know? It was much too much pressure and I just fell apart” he said.

Thankfully, Jason would receive sterling reviews for his portrayal of Bruce Lee while having his name on movie posters across the world. He was also featured in a video game based on the popular movie. The young actor's success in capturing the icon's moves and moods brought international celebrity seemingly overnight. The story in the film was endearing and entertaining, in part thanks to Rob Cohen’s electrifying directing style. The rest of the praise went to Jason Scott Lee’s amazing portrayal of the most recognizable martial artist who ever lived.
Despite being lauded by critics for his performance in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, the career of Jason Scott Lee didn’t exactly skyrocket as expected.

So, what happened?
Of course, the Bruce Lee biopic was a key that opened many doors, but they all seemed to lead to the great outdoors. Jason couldn't seem to get near a role calling for street clothes.
After Dragon, he'd appear in the cinematically beautiful yet box office bomb Rapa Nui, then later that same year in the live action The Jungle Book, playing the lead character of Mowgli. However, the demands of the Hollywood life were eventually not for him and After spending some time with “one foot in Hollywood and the other in a jungle,” Jason decided to drop his manager and agent and live in Hawaii full time, in his self-sufficient farming compound that he calls ‘Pu Mu,’ which means ‘simplicity.’
Several years later, in 1998, Jason would once again venture into the limelight to star alongside Kurt Russell in the sci-fi action film Soldier. Unfortunately, the film struggled to find an audience at the box office, as many action films would in the late 90s.From there Jason would appear in several straight-to-video releases, such as Dracula 2: Ascension in 2001, Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision in 2003 and The Prophecy Forsaken in 2005.

Several more projects would come over the next decade plus, most notably 2016s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny and 2020’s live-action Disney film Mulan.

In 2021, Jason starred as a main role in the Disney+ series Doogie Kameāloha, M.D., a reboot of Doogie Howser, M.D..
Circling back to the sequel to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, a film produced by Bey Logan, it’s interesting to hear his thoughts about Jason Scott Lee based on his Bey’s own observations and conversations with the man.

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⁣Candace Owens way to far right?

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ScarLip - No Statements (Official Music Video)

"No Statements" available at:

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Young Nudy - Peaches & Eggplants (feat. Latto & Sexyy Red) [Remix] (Lyric Video)

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[Intro: Young Nudy]
This how it sound when I hit your ho
Be like this, it be like this, it be like this
I get b— I get behind your ho and then I be like— I be like this (COUPE)
What you doin', Slime? (Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw)
Dig in that pussy (Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw)
Beat her back down (Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw)
What we doin'? (Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw)

[Chorus: Young Nudy]
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho, yeah
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho, yeah
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho

[Sexyy Red]
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, nut in my coochie
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, slap on my booty
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, all in my stomach
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, got a bitch runnin’ (SEXYY!)

Hit from the back, rip out my tracks (Ooo)
Grip on my booty, you know that it’s fat(You know it)
Hoe steady tweakin’, lil bitch relax
Don’t want yo nigga, I just wanna crack(Baow)
Me and Nudy off a perk(10s)
He wanna see how this coochie work(Yeah)
Fuck me good nigga make me squirt
Imma Aries, that mean Imma flirt(SEXYY!)
Take it off when you finna nut(duh)
Told him shoot that shit on my butt(No)
He got a bitch, Ion give no fuck
All these niggas belong to us
Raw dog, put it in my guts
Fuck me good, nigga, make me cuss
Shoot up the club, make that shit buss like…
Groaw, boaw, groaw, boaw, groaw, boaw,(SEXYY!)
Dick me down, dick me down, dick me down,
Groaw, boaw, groaw, boaw, groaw, boaw (Oh Yeah)
Eat me out, eat me out, eat me out (It’s Sexyy)

[Interlude: Young Nudy]
The Addy made me, the Addy made me, the Addy made me, look
The Addy made me do it like that, made me do it like this
I get behind your ho like, I do the hitman position
And then I do like this (What you do, Slime?)

[Chorus: Young Nudy & 21 Savage]
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho, yeah
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho

He wanna know if it’s real or it’s fake
I got a peach on the back like a plate
I got him eatin’ my booty on tape
I might expose him like 1090 Jake
He don’t eat pussy, he gotsta go
Gimme that neck like Benzino
Gimme that neck like ‘Where it go?’
One thumb in my bootyhole(It sound like this from the back right here)
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw(Diamonds hit)
Bling, blaow, blaow, blaow, Ice me out
Uh, Love them choppa sounds
Niggas green, my Birkin brown
All that and a bag of chips
Patnas mad I got him whipped(He whipped)
Ratio my waist to hips
Bitches need to Get a grip
Bitches need to get a life
He on my ass like white on rice
On my hips like he muaddi
He like when I call him papi
I’m crazy, I’m sexy, I’m cool
Burnin’ shit like Left Eye, He think I’m BooBoo the Fool(Boy who?)
Big ole perky titties like I work at hooty-hoo(Hoo)
That wasn’t my nigga we just did the whoopty-woo (whoopty-woo)

Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw (boaw,boaw)
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw (boaw,boaw)
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw (boaw,boaw)
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw (boaw,boaw)

[Chorus: Young Nudy & 21 Savage]
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho, yeah
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho
Boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw, boaw in your ho

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Music video by Ice Cube performing Lil Ass Gee (Edited).

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Dam-Funk & Snoopzilla aka Snoop Dogg - 7 Days of Funk - Pre-order the album on iTunes and get Faden Away now:

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A day in the life of Slim Dynamiite

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Staying true to the west coast culture and the rulers of G-Funk music Kurupt and Suga Free joined forces to entertain fans with a club banger that expresses a lyrical theme in pimpology. "Don't AskMe" is definitely for the lowriders and cruisin' the boulevard with a classic west coast hook that features producer Prohoezak on the talkbox.


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Tyrese Exposes Messages With DJ Envy Wife After Getting Confronted By DJ Envy In HEATED Breakfast Club Interview Last Week....MUST WATCH

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#black #woman #powerful #speech #donaldtrump #kimkardashian #fake
Angela Stanton Delivers A Speech That Every American Should Listen To
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Host of the "Sabby Sabs" podcast Sabrina Salvati explains gains Donald Trump has had with Black voters. #blackvote #votingbloc

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Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts that breaks the mold of morning TV by taking viewers inside the halls of Washington power like never before. The show leans into the day's political cycle with cutting edge analysis from DC insiders who can predict what is going to happen. It also sets the day's political agenda by breaking exclusive news with a team of scoop-driven reporters and demanding answers during interviews with the country's most important political newsmakers.

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Steve Harvey's BIOLOGICAL Kids Reveal How Marjorie Used and DUMPED Their Father

So it looks like there is some real-time Family Feud going on in Steve Harvey’s family because his biological kids are speaking out and accusing Marjorie of using Steve,m and turning him against his own children
Just when we were thinking that the cheating rumors between Marjorie and Steve was the craziest thing we’d hear from the family, Marjorie just got exposed for using Steve for his money, and his children have uncovered her master plan to take half of his wealth and DUMP him. So does this explain why Steve’s kids have NEVER liked Marjorie?


DISCLAIMER: The content on this channel may contain gossip-based information, rumors, or exaggerated portrayals of reality. Please exercise your own discretion while watching and remember that not all information presented may be factual or verified


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Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie has reportedly filed for divorce alongside demanding $200 million, as stated in the report, by the website GHPage. In addition, it also claimed that his wife allegedly cheated on him with his bodyguard, Big Boom and now allegedly she's been sleeping with his chef


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34 woman details her journey to homelessness

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This is the story of Gabrielle Prenell, a 27-year-old woman who had seemingly built a loving family with her husband, Danny Prenell Jr., the senior pastor of Bright Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in Pineville, Louisiana. Their picture-perfect life on social media hid a dark reality, as on June 21st, 2023, tragedy struck, shattering the lives of a mother and her three innocent young children. Join us as we delve into the heart-wrenching events unfolding that fateful afternoon. Welcome to Viral Crimes. Subscribe and hit the bell icon for more stories.
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