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Beautiful 26 year old Shana Donahue loved posting natural hair videos on YouTube. She took her thousands of followers along with her on her natural hair journey and loved to help others maintain healthy natural hair. Shana was also a childhood nutrition educator who worked in underserved communities by providing nutrition education, gardening education and advocating for sustainable healthy local food in these areas. She had big dreams of changing the way her community looked at overall health. Sadly, Shana’s life would be cut tragically short when her high school sweetheart, someone she grew up with, take her life. Her murder would devastate and shock all of those who knew and loved Shana. How could someone who was supposed to love her, take her life in such a brutal way? Welcome to Viral Crimes.

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35 year old Amanda Broderick was in the process of divorcing her husband and had a pending order of protection against him after their 16 year old daughter revealed that she was sexually assaulted by him. Her greatest fear was that her husband, former Austin detective Stephen Broderick, would kill her and her kids as a result of the abuse going public, therefore she pleaded with the courts to keep her safe. Sadly, while her husband was out on bail for the alleged sexual assault, he would shoot and kill his wife, their daughter, and their daughter’s boyfriend. How could a former police officer, someone who once swore to protect and serve, just murder three people in cold blood? Welcome to Viral Crimes.

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Krystal and Saagar discuss Charlamagne Tha God torching Biden for betraying Black voters.

Breaking Points is doing live shows in NYC and Boston!

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⁣Michael Jackson ~ More Bounce To The Ounce

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⁣Jus Give Me The Cool Cup 🤣🤣

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Jesse Watters lambasts President Biden claiming that a visit to the border ‘is not that important’ on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Streaming every week Monday & Friday at 4PM where you'll find Rawest in the game covering all current events, music, and more!

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The highly demanded interview from our trip with @Between The Lines and @Hoopbus to Corcoran State Prison live and uncut from LA natives Omar Jones and Jay Burton. Supplementing our two part doc on the basketball connection of prisoners and civilians on our trip inside the prison yard, and after the clips went viral on instagram and on our YT shorts page, we wanted to bring to you the uncut interview of two men who've been in the system collectively over 55 years. Discussing the realities of prison and gang culture, changing cultural and personal mindsets, and their lives, Jay and Omar share their perspectives. To support Jay, Omar and the continued production of Veniceball original content, please like, comment, subscribe and turn on post notifications and share. Links for Jay, Omar and Veniceball are below! Jay BurtonPetition: https://www.change.org/p/calif....ornia-governor-l-a-d https://www.instagram.com/free....dom4jayburton/?hl=en Mirror: The Life and Times of an L.A. Blood: https://www.amazon.com/SHATTER....ED-MIRROR-Times-L-Bl JonnesInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/weethafuture/Clothing Line: https://www.weethafuture.com/Veniceball Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/VENICEBALLShop: https://www.shop.veniceball.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veniceball/Website: https://www.Veniceball.com

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Beyoncé•CUFF IT

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The Innocent Girl Who Was Dr*gged & Killed By Her Psycho Church Friend

When 20-year-old Joy Morgan left her biological family, she thought that she was joining a bigger, much better family in her church—people who loved and cared for her and shared her beliefs.

But then she disappeared, and it took six weeks for anyone to even know that something was wrong.

“I did not believe there was anything wrong, I thought it was something wrong with my phone, you know, something wrong with Joy’s phone and I didn’t get her. There are other things happening and I was phoning her, phoning her, all of a sudden, it’s February 6th, that’s kinda, wait for a second here, it’s six weeks. I will never get over the guilt until the day they bury me.”

The police believed that Joy was dead, but who killed her and where was her body?

#annasolves #truecrime #documentary

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#slavery #transatlanticslavetrade #blackhistory Slavery and slave trading were already firmly entrenched in many African societies before their contact with Europe. In most situations, men as well as women captured in local warfare became slaves. In general, however, slaves in African communities were often treated as junior members of the society with specific rights, and many were ultimately absorbed into their masters' families as full members.
When the first Europeans arrived in the late fifteenth century, many inhabitants were striving to consolidate their newly acquired territories and to settle into a secure and permanent environment. Several immigrant groups had yet to establish firm ascendancy over earlier occupants of their territories, and considerable displacement and secondary migrations were in progress.
It is important to mention, however, that the supply of slaves was entirely an African thing. Although powerful traditional chiefs, were known to have engaged in the slave trade, individual African merchants commanded large bands of armed men, many of them slaves, and engaged in various forms of commercial activities with the Europeans on the coast of West, East and Central Africa.
Here are some notorious chiefs who where actively involved in the selling of Africans to the European merchants.

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'Herstory' out now. Available for purchase at the following retailers:

Young M.A's new music video for her song "OOOUUU." Directed by: a piece by guy x Young M.A
Music produced by NY Bangers

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Music video by Chief Keef performing I Don't Like. (C) 2012 Interscope Records

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D3szn ft. YG & Mozzy - Red Rags (Official Music Video)

"In My Projects" available at: https://D3szn.lnk.to/InMyProjects

Follow D3szn:

(C) 2022 Epic Records. With 4Hunnid Records.

#D3szn #YG #Mozzy #RedRags #InMyProjects

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