Here's How We Ruin Our Kidneys After 50 (You better stop)

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The next point is the excessive use of salt. This is where the emphasis should be made. Excessive use! Because some people may think that all salt is bad for the kidneys. We need a certain amount of salt to keep us going. Scientists believe that this range is about 2 to 5 grams of salt per day. That's about one tenth of an ounce.Eating less than 2 grams is bad and eating more than 5 grams per day is also bad.

And the main problem is that the vast majority of us consume a lot more salt than 5 grams a day. 10-15 grams, or even more. And the thing is that if we systematically eat too much salt, it leads to an enlargement of the kidneys and their cells. It can also lead to fibrosis, which causes the kidneys to harden, lose function, and potentially lead to kidney failure. If we consume too much salt, it reduces the ability of our kidneys to filter our waste products.

Excessive salt intake can also lead to high blood pressure, and we know that high blood pressure is very damaging to our kidneys. So, you need to understand that you should not eat too salty food. This would include various processed meat products, and all kinds of sausages, any canned food is also usually very high in salt.Various sauces, especially all kinds of ketchup from the supermarket, and salad dressings. Fast food. French fries and chips and potato chips, and the habit of over-salting food yourself. Not adding a little bit, a pinch, but actively pouring it in and fertilizing it. So if we have this habit, something should be done about it, too.

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